I don’t believe in stress or salads — the former because I’ve never seen it do anyone any good, the latter because I am not a rabbit.

“Where are you from?” is probably my least favorite question, if only because it is usually expected to have an answer that would be most appropriately measured in syllables but, in my case, it requires sentences. Several of them. I was born in North Carolina to a retired United States Marine from Virginia and a homemaker from Wisconsin. I lived in ten different1 states before I started high school.

After high school, I spent entirely too long2 getting a degree from the University of Alabama. Despite having completed all of the coursework required for degrees in both whiskey and football, they awarded me a degree in Computer Science instead — an error I’m still somewhat bitter about.

Discontent with a single degree (and hoping to find a job where I’d be paid to argue all the time), I headed to Indiana University (the real one) for Law School. Among the most important things I picked up in Bloomington was a little ball of fur.

Laying Down

Who eventually became a not-so-little ball of fur.

Scout love sticks

After Law School Scout and I moved to Atlanta where I postponed the practice of law in order to keep working in technology. That brings us to the present day.

I’m a software engineer with a soft spot for frisbees, libertarian politics, dogs, and delicious tacos, but I’m still looking for that job where I get paid to argue every day. Until that time comes, I’ll have to get my arguments elsewhere.

  1. In no particular order: North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Illinois, South Dakota 

  2. What do you call the second victory lap?